Goat farm

Bon berger bought a plot of land in the provence of Gitarama. Goal is to start a goat farm. Other animals like chickens, rabbits and cows will be kept later on. Local logic is to rear animals for meat, but we also envisage them producing goat-milk and -cheese in the future.

With the goat farm we’d also like to change people’s perspective on animals: having a permanent lunch room in the middle of the animal farm change people’s perspectives on animals. Parents can relax themselves and children can play with the animals.

This will be a unique concept for Africa: learning to love, respect and care for animals instead of just eating or fearing them.

Furthermore, with leaves from the banana trees that are already present on the land, gifts like baskets and photo frames will be created. People can buy them in Rwanda but also abroad.

Right now, the complete area is fenced off. A small hut is occupied by a guard and shepard who will look after the first animals present there.

The project will start step by step, when the first meat, eggs and cheeses are beging sold, the profits will be put aside. Eventually to buy machines to work the land but also to build a water pump. This because there is no water yet available and Rwanda is a dry country.

Our Sponsors

Princess Margarita is Patron of our Project